DV Velodrome experience

Velodrome group

Thanks to Robin for organising a great evening out at the Lee Valley Velodrome. We were a little depleted, 25 were due to go and 15 turned up, but that didn’t stop the fun!

After the initial starter nerves, everyone was zooming round the track and enjoying it.  The coach had us doing ‘getting used to the track games’ – getting up the bank and riding shoulder to shoulder which included cuddling each other in side-by-side twosomes on our bikes, thus getting us used to jostling for position in the heat of the DV track battle. This last exercise was not to everyone’s taste, and is definitely not one we’d try in the Surrey Hills!

We ended up by chasing each other, going as fast as we could, and the 2 hrs went by far too quickly.  Who would have thought going round in circles without brakes would be such fun, and at the same time such hard and thirsty work (unfortunately there was no time for beers afterwards).