Bay Tree Bakery – Petworth

Tucked away near the Guilt Lingerie shop (where, it seems, you pay more for less material!!) is a small bakery with chairs and tables outside. The coffee is good and some of the cakes are unusual! I discovered this cafe after the Coco cafe disappointed. Very friendly staff.

bay tree bakery
Brett dreaming of the lingerie!

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Lightbox Arts Centre, Woking – Café

Dr D and I had a little ride out the other day and happened to be coming through Woking, just when I needed a boost of energy. I was needing to refuel after chasing David round Surrey. Woking offers many coffee shops, but I knew of somewhere a little different and that was the café in the Lightbox Arts Centre.

light_box_woking_3   IMG-20160329-WA0003

There is plenty of space for bicycles and a large seating area, both inside and out. They have a fairly large selection of cakes and light bights. The Cappuccino I had was well made and strong, the way I like it and Dr D’s White Caffè Americano looked good and I didn’t hear any complaints :) We both had the Triple Chocolate Flapjack which was good, but not quite as good as the Flapjack from Shere’s Dabbling Duck.

All in all, it was well worth a visit, with friendly staff and a clean, light environment. If you would like to make it a destination, or just have a longer stay, there are always interesting art shows on. Although, be careful and don’t get carried away and end up buying a large picture, as you will have to cycle home with it!


Dorking Deli

Whilst out on my solo ride today I had the misfortune to require the help of ‘Head for the Hills’ cycle shop in Dorking (part broken chain link). Whilst waiting I asked if they could tell me where the nearest Coffee Shop was. The said the The Dorking Deli was just a few doors down the road.


What an excellent recommendation it turned out to be. The staff were very helpful and the coffee and cakes where very tasty. It has a good ambience. It not only does hot beverages and cakes, but a large range of other items you would expect to find in a Deli.


Bikes can either be left outside the front of the Deli, however with the tables on the pavement, it would make it a little tricky to get pedestrians passed or there is a small gated yard at the back of the Deli where bikes could also be left.

This Café would make an excellent alternative to the Café at the top of Box Hill.

Dorking Deli website

The Deli are currently working on a couple of exclusive Sunday Cyclist breakfast/coffee & cake deals but if there was anything in particular you wanted to request please don’t hesitate to get in touch and there’ll see what we can do. In the meantime, should any members visit the deli, please let them know that you are members of Dittons Velo and the’re happy to take card payments with no minimum spend required – to save you the weight of extra coins!