The North Downs Stegosaurus

If you’ve done the Leith Hill Octopus and fancy another “beast” then this dinosaur is for you!

This is a challenging ride of a dozen climbs including 6 with sections over 13.5%. It includes classics such as Toys Hill and Chalkpit Lane.

Take in the great views from the top of the downs. Popular cafe stops options are in Brasted, Oxted and Godstone.

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DV Surrey Circumnavigation

A DV mega ride!

Surrey County boundary vs route

The route follows the outline of the Surrey County electoral boundary as near as is possible (and sensible) using roads.

I could have cut off some chunks but then it wouldn’t be true to the concept.

  • Distance 158.5 miles / 252 km
  • Climbing 8600 ft / 2620 m
  • Estimated ride rime 9+ hours plus breaks

This is a challenging endurance ride requiring fitness, concentration and good navigation.

Regular food and fluid stops are essential. Stop every 2-3 hours. Drink plenty.

Be prepared for a puncture. Ensure your bike is in good condition. You will be a long way from home!

Probable stops would be Tatsfield, Edenbridge, Charlwood/Rusper, Haslemere/Hindhead, Aldershot/Ash, and Staines.

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Scenic Smallfield, Rusper, Abinger route

Enjoy 60 miles/96km of rolling countryside including a number of hills (3600ft/1060m climbing).

You head out via Ewell to Banstead and Chipstead then to Merstham where you join the classic BHF London to Brighton route via Nutfield on to Smallfield. Through Horley and past Gatwick airport to Rusper. The route then undulates to Forest Green before heading north and back home via Abinger and White Down (ouch!).

rusper stores
Rusper Village Stores

Numerous coffee stop possibilities along the route. Charlwood green, Rusper stores, Forest Green, Pasture Wood coffee van, Abinger Hatch pub.

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Lurgashall via Hambledon

This route takes in the 2020 DV Iron Lane segment heading out. The route is mainly quiet lanes that undulate through the countryside. You will clock up nearly 80 miles (128km) and 5000ft (1500m) of climbing.

Heading south-west from Bramley the route skirts around Chiddingfold and turns south just before Haslemere.

There is a village store and pub on the green in Lurgashall.

lurgashal post office lurgashal pub

The return route is via Kirdford where you can find refreshments also.

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Heading south-east this is a fairly long undulating route of 64 miles (102Km).

You will pass Redhill aerodrome on your way to Lingfield. The return route goes via Smallfield. After Horley you will take a short cycle route to cross the A217 and head towards Dorking and back to Esher.

There are a variety of places to find refreshments in Lingfield and Smallfield plus loads of pubs along the way!

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Henley Marlow clockwise

Henley Marlow clockwise

This ride extends the classic Henley-on-Thames route by going along the Thames to Marlow. Crossing the Marlow bridge you then have to climb up Quarry Wood and on to Cookham. The rest of the route is very flat.

There are various coffee shops and pubs in Marlow and Cookham.

This is a very picturesque route returning via Eton and Datchet.

Marlow Bridge
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Christmas Common via Velolife (revised)

A long flat route out to Marlow via Eton then climb up the Chiltern Hills to Christmas Common where you will find the Fox and Hounds pub.

Then it’s fast downhill to Henley before climbing Remenham Hill! Reward yourself with cake at Velolife ready for the last 30miles.

Route has been revised July 2020

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Classic Henley route

This is the classic 70 mile route to Henley. The usual half distance coffee stop is the Chocolate Cafe (over the bridge and turn left). The return leg includes the climb up Remenham Hill before turning right to Warren Row where you can refuel at Velolife Cafe (39 miles). The route stays off the main roads into Windsor then onto Staines and home.

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Leith Hill Octopus Route

8 ways up Leith Hill – for the brave amongst you…

The route starts in Dorking and ends at the top of Leith Hill on the 8th climb – so beware: the GPX is not the full distance! (full distance c.100miles if riding to and from Esher).
I found my Garmin got confused with all the crossing over at the top so the following list should help.
The climbs in order:

  1. Coldharbour (descend Leith Hill Road-Hollow Lane)
  2. Pasturewood (descend Leith Hill Road to Ockley Road)
  3. Broomhall Road (descend  Leith Hill Road- Abinger Lane)
  4. Hollow Lane (descend Coldharbour-Logmore Lane)
  5. Sheephouse Lane (descend Leith Hill Road to Ockley Road)
  6. Henhurst Cross/Anstie Lane (descend Leith Hill Road-Pasturewood)
  7. Leith Hill Road (descend Leith Hill Road-Pasturewood)
  8. Tanhurst Lane (descent – Abinger Lane and up Whitedown was our way back to HQ!)

Gerda sumed it up… “thank goodness an Octopus only has 8 legs!”

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Chichester 50mile route (100 there and back)

If you’re going to do a 100mile ride, why not go and see the sea.

Note: The map/gpx file only routes you the 50miles, from Esher to Chichester….

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