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SRAM HRD Brake Bleeding Guide

Dr David’s guide to bleeding SRAM hydraulic brakes. Having read and tried a variety of methods this is my refined method. SRAM HRD is a closed hydraulic system so all air needs to be expelled. Holding the lever against the bars is important as it empties the master cylinder of fluid and any trapped air. […]

Dr David’s pre-ride checklist

Pre-ride – a quick safety check. Brakes – pads – check wear and central on rim/rotor, adjust cable if required Wheels – check for trueness, bearings not worn or loose, quick release is tight Tyres – check for damage, objects in tyre and pump to correct pressure Chain – check wear, damage and clean it […]

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Pedal off – Pedal on!

Pedals take a lot of abuse (weather and crud from the road) and are designed to last for many miles. They are rarely removed before they wear out unless removing for transportation. When it comes to removal many get confused as the left pedal has a “left handed” thread i.e. it tightens anti-clockwise. Alway use […]

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How to install detailed maps on an older Garmin – for (almost) free!

Maximise the functionality of your Garmin for navigation This applies to the Garmin Edge 520/705/800/810 GPS devices I recently helped out one Dittons Velo rider to install a map on her Garmin 810 before a trip to Mallorca. Whilst there, she intended to explore unknown countryside and hills. On her return she loaded a UK […]

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SRAM Front Derailleur with YAW setup guide: by David

After struggling while setting up my gears on two bikes with SRAM Force 22, I had to resort to searching the web for guides. Having realised it’s easy when you know how I’ve put together this guide on how to set up the SRAM front derailleur…Success guaranteed! You will need 4mm and 2.5mm hex (allen) […]

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Preparing for the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100

RideLondon training tips by Gerda Mathews I hope you’ve all applied for the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 for 2018….? I entered the ballot last year for the first time and got accepted for this year’s ride and it was an awesome experience. Not only because of the closed roads and great support along the route (especially […]

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Dr David’s Secret Sauce

Following from the previous blog post on hydration, energy and salt strategies… A rough guide to using maltodextrin powder Maltodextrin is ideal for adding to your water bottle as a relatively pure and cost-effective source of energy during a ride. It can be flavoured with your favourite squash with some added salt or used with […]

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Cycling hydration: it’s not all about water and coffee

Hydration, energy, salt and food strategies for longer, harder rides by our own Dr. David    Water: am I drinking enough? Probably not… Roughly 60% of the human body is water, so to guarantee peak performance on the bike it is important to maintain the balance. During exercise your body loses water in the form […]

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Roll on: Part 2 of EVERYTHING about Tyres

This is the second part of the two part FAQ feature on bike tyres from Dr David If you haven’t read the first one, I recommend you see it here before reading this second installing episode… By the way, some people have responded to ask: so which tyres do I buy? As before, we’re not telling you […]

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2014: will it be a Goodyear? EVERYTHING about bike tyres

Dr. David continues his series of useful tips on keeping your bike in tip-top shape. This article covers everything you need to know about bicycle tyres and is being published in two installments. Here is the first: Welcome to my cycle tyre FAQ Part 1 First thing to say is, I’m not going to recommend […]