Club Kit

Here are the latest range of cycling kit designed by Robin. It is custom manufactured by Pactimo.

The order process is via our Facebook page from time to time to ensure that sufficient quantities are ordered. Exact details of the fit and materials can be found on the Pactimo web site.

Link to product sizing – Pactimo Custom Clothing Size Charts. We suggest you try a garment for size before purchase – ask a club member or Robin.

summit jersey men

Summit Jersey – Men’s

summit jersey women

Summit Jersey – Women’s

continental jersey men

Continental Jersey – Men’s

continental women short

Continental Jersey – Women’s

breckenridge vest men

Breckenridge WX-D Vest – Mens

breckenridge vest women

Breckenridge WX-D Vest – Womens

assent vector bib men

Ascent Vector Bib Shorts – Men’s

assent vector bib women

Ascent Vector Bib Shorts – Women’s

continental women long sleeve

Continental Jersey Long Sleeve – Women’s

assent vector short women

Ascent Vector Shorts – Women’s


Socks (white only)

cycling cap

Cycling Cap

neck gaiter

Neck Gaiter