KiloBike Challenge: Esher to Beijing

OK, so I’m taking over the blog today to make it known that I have set myself a target of 5,000mi year on the bike.
I thought about it (informally) some time ago, thinking it would never happen but it’s been a good year of Dittons Velo bike rides and the miles have been building up. I’m still some way off (over 1,000miles) and with less than two months, and two Winter months at that, I’m not going to find it easy to get those miles in. I’m hoping however by coming out of the closet (so to speak), I’ll garner some moral support but also some support in-person: perhaps some of you who haven’t been out for rides as much as you should have been this year can come along and keep me company.
I’m not alone in setting targets for myself, so if you want me to publicise your own challenge, just let me know. A problem shared is a problem halved, right?
So far I’ve been logging the miles only the DV rides – weekends and evenings. I’ve not logged my daily commutes (I commute on the bike most days, any weather:adds up to c. 1500mi/year) – but have started to log those miles this week.
I have 1024 miles to go to hit the target (being a geek for a second, 1024bytes=1KB [KiloByte] in old binary language – hence the “KiloBike Challenge” for my 1024 miles). That’s about 110mi/week. In Summer, that’s very doable and about what I was averaging on DV rides. In Winter it’s going to take a bit more dedication – I did those miles in a mild and forgiving January earlier this year. But based on last year, I’ll need encouragement to get through this and to keep going…hence going public with the target.
I’ll include turbo miles only if the weather turns horrid and cycling outdoors is not possible. It may sound like cheating, but if you do use a turbo trainer, you’ll appreciate that doing hour after hour cycling indoors alone (with no air to cool you; and with legs moving continuously not stopping at junctions, roundabouts, traffic lights, downhills etc) is not an easy way out. In fact, it’s torture compared to doing the same miles on the road.
This brief and conservative challenge is not a Calais-Cannes ride in 4 days, or a ride to Santander (the city, not the bank); it’s only the same as riding from Esher to Beijing, in a year, but it’s my own little challenge to keep me focused on riding as many miles as I can over the next two months. I hope you’ll join me on the DV rides and perhaps set your own challenges.