November 2013: Dittons Velo gathers fresh momentum

Ride report from 2 November

Today’s turnout of 20 was a lot better than expected. As was the weather.

As Nigel commented on Facebook, this equals the best turnout ever for Dittons Velo. I’m in awe.

One group consisting of Nigel, Rae, Boysie, Olivia, Tim, Hobbs, MattW, DavidH, AndrewW did a Cobham, Ockham, Ripley 26mile route. Which cafe provided the cake venue this week (He asks, enviously)?

And another equally impressive group took over the roads to Windsor: Sal, AndrewT, MattP, Sandra, Siobhan, DrDavid, Rob, JohnW, me – a 40-45mi route that started casual/social but after a few mechanical issues (see photos on Facebook) soon picked up pace.

Thanks everyone for waiting for me when I fell behind. Hope I didn’t slow things down too much for you. Great ride – even though there was no time for cake.

MattP suggests we bring our mountain bikes next week since it seemed to work for Sal. I’m not sure of Matt’s logic, but something isn’t quite right about a 17st man doing those speeds on a hybrid, without seeming to break a sweat. More awe. Hope you can join us more often Sal.

Colin and Mrs. Colin (Jill) were also out at the crack of dawn (well, 9am) to get an early start. Hope you had a good ride.

If you’re a Facebook user, please do sign up to the Dittons Velo group – and go and see photos of today’s rides, and please share your own photos and updates.