Sun 29 Dec 2013 ride: “DV, a great discovery”

OK, so forget the last blog – perhaps today was the last DV ride of 2013…

This morning (Sunday), Brett, Graham, Nigel and I were joined by Mark for his inaugural Dittons Velo ride.

And what a DV ride it turned out to be. 55miles according to Garmin/Ascent (which Mark’s stats seem to agree with), or 58mi according to Strava which seems to think I rode 10 laps of Costa Coffee in Cranleigh. I swear I didn’t – I was focused on my cappuccino and flapjack.

What a superb day it was for a ride anyway. A little icy at first especially on Hogden Lane that should have been a joy to ride with its silky smooth tarmac; and it was also a bit precarious descending Whitedown when the sun was so bright and too low we couldn’t see what the road surface was like.

But all in all it was a great route (thanks Brett) – even if we did go tackle the Guildford one-way system.

Really enjoyed having Mark join us and hope he’ll be a regular part of our Saturday and/or Sunday rides. With his Cycle2Africa he’s not afraid of the miles / hours on the bike.

Kudos again to Simon for his toasti toes suggestion: my toes were getting a bit icy half way round, I attached one of these to my socks and enjoyed lovely warm toes all the way home. Was very happy with a Christmas present of Seal Skinz lobster gloves too (a bit too warm by the end of the ride, but perfect for anything around 0degC).

Mark seemed to enjoy his first DV ride, with his comment on the Facebook group:  “DV a great discovery”. Mark also was kind enough to share a log of the route via the site he uses, Wikiloc:

Plus the usual Strava view – with the extra laps of Costa: