Winter Training (2014)

This week saw the first of the DV evening Training Rides. What’s a training ride? A short fast ride in a small group, not social, no stopping (traffic lights and junctions aside!). As fast as the group can sustain for about an hour basically. The loop for last night’s ride was 20mile circuit from Hampton Court, around Upper Haliford, Chertsey, Brooklands, Walton.

It was a superb first ride – the route and details from Strava is below.

TronFast riding in the dark you say? Is that safe? Well, unlike the Summer evening rides, the route for these needs to be on well lit roads – and thanks to MattP for showing us a great route. But of course we need to be visible too and don’t even think about doing these rides without full lights fitted and charged. Between the three of us last night I think we may have been giving off enough light to be visible from outerspace. Dr David had fitted a light brighter than the sun – sourced from eBay for thrupence apparently, even outshining (literally) my own light show using Exposure Joystick helmet mounted and Trace and TraceR on the bike. Wearing something fluorescent or reflective would be a sensible move too.

Anyway, the message is: come and join us – for evening training rides, or for weekend rides. If you feel the shorter days and duller weather is stopping you riding, come and prove it doesn’t need to. In January, Dittons Velo did as much riding as any month in summer – and the members that kept going throughout the Autumn and Winter months really saw the benefits in their early season fitness. A lot of you have put a lot of time and effort into training during Spring and Summer – maintaining fitness in Autumn and Winter will mean you won’t be starting from scratch again next Spring!

If you want to know when these evening training rides happen, or if you’re a resident of Esher, Thames Ditton, Cobham or the Elmbridge area and you’re looking for a group to join some weekend rides, sign up here and come and join us for weekend or evening rides or contact us with any questions.