Leith Hill Octopus Route

8 ways up Leith Hill – for the brave amongst you…

The route starts in Dorking and ends at the top of Leith Hill on the 8th climb – so beware: the GPX is not the full distance! (full distance c.100miles if riding to and from Esher).
I found my Garmin got confused with all the crossing over at the top so the following list should help.
The climbs in order:

  1. Coldharbour (descend Leith Hill Road-Hollow Lane)
  2. Pasturewood (descend Leith Hill Road to Ockley Road)
  3. Broomhall Road (descendĀ  Leith Hill Road- Abinger Lane)
  4. Hollow Lane (descend Coldharbour-Logmore Lane)
  5. Sheephouse Lane (descend Leith Hill Road to Ockley Road)
  6. Henhurst Cross/Anstie Lane (descend Leith Hill Road-Pasturewood)
  7. Leith Hill Road (descend Leith Hill Road-Pasturewood)
  8. Tanhurst Lane (descent – Abinger Lane and up Whitedown was our way back to HQ!)

Gerda sumed it up… “thank goodness an Octopus only has 8 legs!”

Download file for GPS