DV100: The inaugural club century ride

DV100: Great success!
By David Marsden

Last Sunday (24th August 2014), the now honourable members of the exclusive DVCC (Dittons Velo Century Club): Hobbs, Dick, NigelS, IanP, MattW, Dr. David, Rob, me completed the first DV100 ride. Sandra joined us on the ride out to Henley but was on duty at the regatta, so sadly couldn’t join us for the return leg. We all set off from Esher together in the chilly morning air at 730am, with Hobbs and Dick keeping to their own pace after we left Cobham and started heading towards Ripley. We all re-grouped in Henley to celebrate passing the half-way mark.

For a 100mile route, it was a very flat route with only 2000′ of climbing (trust me, it’s not easy to plan a route that flat!). The route was planned giving a longer first ‘half’ so by the time we arrived in Henley for a well-deserved snack, we’d already ridden about 55miles making the ride home the ‘short half’. Our Henley stop was a little longer than intended, but great snacks, socialising, atmosphere and weather at the skiffing regatta. (And well done Dittons)

As is often the way, we got confused in Windsor Great Park (the Garmin navigation software pleads ignorance) but eventually found our way out, pointing in roughly the right direction. However we made another slight deviation to the route which ultimately meant we had to add a few miles at the end of the ride – with a lap of Bushy Park and then a victory lap of Kingston to make up the full 100.

Nigel suffered a slow puncture in the last mile or so, but the tyre carried him just to the 100mile point with Cafe Rouge in sight, before it ran flat. For many of us on the ride, including myself, this was the first time we’d attempted 100miles in one ride so this was a great achievement and well done everyone. Thanks to the faster riders who may have done century rides before and who had to slow down their pace to ensure everyone was able to keep going for the full 100 (in itself that’s difficult to do, for so many hours on the bike) but it was great to have everyone along for company and the encouragement was fantastic!

So, that’s the first DV100 done.When do we do the next one? What route should we take for the next DV100?

And now for the proof, well some photos:

RB_MH2Skiff1Skiff2MH_MW_IP DrD_SM DM

A well deserved drink after 100 miles
A well deserved drink after 100 miles


And the route:

Download file for GPS