Velo Viewer: A new dimension of DV leaderboards. Exciting news for all DV Strava users!

Many DV members log their rides using Strava and we currently have 66 members of the DV Strava Club. For many Strava is a fun way to see what everybody else is up to and, if you’re so inclined, allows you to compare your efforts against your previous performance, to prove this riding is paying off and show you are definitely getting fitter! Plus, you can see how your rides compare to others in the DV Strava Club.

A weekly post on the DV Facebook group shares the top three spots for longest distance, most climbing and longest rides in the DV Strava Club. In addition, there’s often friendly banter around who is currently the King or Queen of DV with the best time on popular Strava segments. All in the name of fun!

However, Strava does not currently offer an easy way to pull together a clear view of what was happening across multiple segments in the DV Strava Club….until now. Welcome to the Kings and Queens of DV Leaderboard!

The DV segments

We have been working with the folks over at to give us a new way of viewing Strava times on a shortlist of 20 of the most popular segments we ride during DV rides. You also get awarded points for completing segments and it shows where your time ranks in each segment, versus other DV Strava Club members. These points are then used to produce a leaderboard showing your overall position.



We have two versions of the leaderboard, one using the Strava data since the beginning of time and one just using the rides from 2017. The leaderboards are absolutely free to use, all you need to do is authorise VeloViewer to connect to your Strava account when you first visit them.


It’s worth remembering this is just a bit of fun for those DV members who like to use Strava. The majority of segments are climbs or slight inclines but there are also some flat ones and the regular Summer and Winter midweek loops. To emphasise safety there are no downhill segments allowed and all riders should continue to always prioritise safe and considerate cycling


FAQs below will hopefully address some questions you may have and will appear shortly on the DV website (we’ll share the link), however if you’re ready

to take a look at the leaderboards here are the links. Looking at them is the quickest way to understand how they work:

2017 Leaderboard:
All Time Leaderboard:


Q: How do I join the Kings and Queens of DV Leaderboard?

A: You will automatically appear on the Leaderboard if you are part of the DV Strava Club. If you want to join the DV Strava Club then visit

Q: Does it cost me anything?

A: No, the leaderboards are free to use. If you like the look of VeloViewer, you can choose to upgrade your account

for £10 a year* to get some snazzy extra features and infographics – lots of analysis and graphs of your data.
*Note that if you sign up and pay for VeloViewer premium, it’s easy to find your card being charged on autorenewal in future years

Q: How complicated is it to set this up?

A: It only takes a minute, all you have to do is click on one of the leaderboard links below in a web browser. If you’re not already signed in to Strava then you’ll be asked to sign in as usual. Once you’re signed in to Strava you’ll be asked to click a single button to authorise VeloViewer to connect to your Strava account. You’ll then be taken to the leaderboard and you’re done.

Authorise the app to connect with Strava










2017 Leaderboard:
All Time Leaderboard:

Q: How do I find out where the DV Strava segments are?

A: Many of you will recognise the segments by their names, but there’s a Google Map that shows them all:
You can also click through each of the segments on the leaderboard to get a really nice visualisation of the segment and a map.

Q: How did you choose the DV Strava segments and can we change them?

A: The current group of 20 segments were drawn up based on general popularity across the club and to try and achieve a reasonable balance of different types of segment. We plan to stick with these 20 until the end of 2017 to give it time to settle in and then take feedback on any new segments people would like to see added and which ones can be removed.

Q: Why are some of my favourites segments not included?

A: Any segments that are downhill cannot be included so popular segments like the Horton roundabouts and even Fairmile Dash is a slight decline and therefore ineligible. We will be keen to gather feedback on possible alternative segments though between now and the end of the year and then review the current group.

Q: Can we have separate leaderboards for men and women?

A: Not yet, but we have asked for that and VeloViewer is looking at introducing more features in the future including a filter for Male/Female. In the meantime, female riders have a prefix of (F).

Q: How do the points work?

A: VeloViewer gives you 20 points for each different segment that you ride. You then get additional points based upon your best time in that segment compared to all the other DV Strava Club members. So if you improve your best time on a segment you’ll increase your total points.

Q: Why isn’t the leaderboard always fully up to date?

A: The data on the leaderboard is automatically recalculated by VeloViewer on a regular basis (generally daily) so it might take a few hours, or up to 24hours, before your latest Strava data is included.

Q: Can I sort by ranking order for an individual segment?
A: If you are using Chrome as your web browser you simply click the segment title it will sort that column for you. Other browsers may not support this feature.

Q: If I have any questions about these boards or want to put in suggestions for future segments, who should I speak to?
A: Andy (Womble) is the source of VeloViewer knowledge – ask him via Facebook or in person on a Saturday

The file to download this VeloViewer guide is available here to download