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2024 Hollow Lane & Tanhurst Lane Route

DV 2024 Segments – Hollow Lane, Tanhurst Lane
Overview – Distance: 57 km, Climbing: 800 m
Café stop – See below

Two ways up Leith Hill!

Head out to Whitedown through Cobham and Effingham. At the bottom of Whitedown turn left towards Dorking. Turn right into Hollow Lane, signposted Leith Hill.

Descend the first part, gain speed downhill and the segment starts as the road rises just past the little bridge. The segment is over 3km long, so pace yourself. The end is at the Sheephouse Lane junction a little way before the summit of Leith Hill.

Enjoy the fast descent of Leith Hill and turn right at the bottom to Forest Green. You may want to stop for coffee at the Farm/Butchers Shop. Head up Holmbury Lane and Tanhurst Lane is on the right.

Tanhurst Lane segment starts as soon as the road starts to rise approximately 70m in. The climb is characterised by multiple steep ramps. Some are 18% but feel steeper! It snakes its way to the top. In winter it can be very wet and slippery. It finishes just past the entrance to Tanhurst Estate. Relax and keep going to up to the Leith Hill Road junction.

The route home is along Abinger Road, down Coldharbour, through Dorking and Leatherhead.

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