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Leith Hill Octopus

Leith Hill Octopus
Overview – Distance: 142 km, Climbing: 2350 m
Café stops – Coldharbour

The classic 8 ways up Leith Hill – for the brave amongst you…

The idea is that you cross the highest point of Leith Hill by the little car park 8 times.

The Octopus route starts in Dorking and ends at the top of Leith Hill on the 8th climb –  beware: you still have to get home!

This route is c.100miles if riding to and from Esher.

I found my Garmin got a little confused with all the crossing over at the top of Leith Hill, so the following list should help.

The climbs in order:

  1. Coldharbour (descend Leith Hill Road-Hollow Lane)
  2. Pasturewood (descend Leith Hill Road to Ockley Road)
  3. Broomhall Road (descend  Leith Hill Road- Abinger Lane)
  4. Hollow Lane (descend Coldharbour-Logmore Lane)
  5. Sheephouse Lane (descend Leith Hill Road to Ockley Road)
  6. Henhurst Cross/Anstie Lane (descend Leith Hill Road-Pasturewood)
  7. Leith Hill Road (descend Leith Hill Road-Pasturewood)
  8. Tanhurst Lane (descent – Hollow Lane and chose you route home)

This is a challenging ride with a lot of climbing requiring fitness, concentration and good navigation.

Take plenty of food and fluid as there are very few coffee stops.

Probable stops would be Coldharbour, Pasturewood, and Abinger Hatch.

Gerda summed it up… “thank goodness an Octopus only has 8 legs!”

Download file for GPS

Strava route link